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Yes. Waitaminute. No.

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Feeling Generous? These are the things that will make me love you forever. Yep.

I am Batman.
Furcadia Bat Wings

I think bat wings are so cool. Ideally, I'd have them for life, but I'm happy with just a year or so. :D They can be found here.

Chinese Steel Ring

I'm a sucker for Oriental stuff, which is why I love this ring. It can be found here.

DDR System-Free Dance Pad

I'm addicted to DDR, but I can't afford to buy a PS2 just to play it, so this works. But if you want to buy me a PS2, I'll be just as happy. :p The dance pad can be found here.

If you do wish to send something to me, send me an email at and then I'll give you my address.