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Free Dreams for Newfurres!

Welcome to my Newfurre Dreamweaving Service. Because so many newfurres have trouble with dreams, I will create one free dream for any new furre who requests one. The dream must be relatively small and simple. No BaH's, please. They are far too complex to be done for free.

To have a dream made, send an email with either links to the patches you want or the patches themselves and a detailed description of the dream to (Don't forget to include your furre's name!)

Please include all the detail you can think of, the more info I have, the better. And please speak to me on Furcadia first before sending a dream request, so I don't get overloaded. :) Note: I will be keeping a record of furres who have already had thier one free dream created, so don't bother using an alt to get a second dream. :p